After careful review, I am very pleased to announce that Gainesville Juniors Volleyball has reached an agreement to relocate our Club to the former HH Gregg building, located at 3606 SW 34th Street in Gainesville. The projected goal for occupancy is July 1st, with Summer Camps scheduled at the end of July and the first of August.

In the face of so many obstacles to be overcoming, this announcement is incredibly fulfilling and rewarding. Eric and I want to thank all individuals and/or families who assisted in any form to realize our dream to have a permanent home. Your trust and loyalty will forever be remembered.

Now that the official decision has been made, there remains a lot to accomplish before July 1st. Foremost, is continuing to work towards reaching our Fund Raising Goal to obtain all desired facility equipment. Please feel free to contact Eric and or myself to see how you can help reach our goal.

Please share this announcement with all.

Thank you,

Joe DeLuca

Club Director

Gainesville Juniors

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